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A month in a limbo

So I decided it is time visit my GP and get a referral letter to a doctor, for some reason I decided an ONT would be a good choice. My GP gave me a referral, some anti-dizzies medicine and beta blocker Betaserc. None if these made any difference as far as I could tell.

I went see an ONT, he took my blood pressure, listened to my symptoms and told me that the problem is caused by little crystals in the inner ear. Right… He prescribed some anti-dizzies medicine and also Lexotan. I had no idea what kind of drug Lexotan is, I was just taking everything that the doctor prescribed.

So I have been taking all the prescriptions for a about a week and I started to feel much better, my mood has improved, I had no problem with driving and I’ve started running again. I though I was cured. At this point it has been about 5 weeks since my vestibular neuritis had started.

I had to see my GP for some another reason and during the visit told him about Lexotan. That’s when I found out what kind of drug it is and that it shouldn’t be taken for prolonged period of time. I stopped taking it the same day. And in a few days all my symptoms came back with vengeance. Dizziness, unstable, afraid to go out alone, you name it.

Meanwhile, since I still didn’t have a concrete diagnosis what is wrong with me, I sort of thought may be it is a problem with my neck and I need to see a chiropractor. Which I did. “Of course”, he said, “dizziness can be caused by a problem with the neck”. “How about we sell you 4 months package for regular neck adjustments?” I was desperate, so I agreed. And paid for it. They also did a neck adjustment on that day. About 20 minutes after I was done, I felt rush of adrenaline, it felt just the time when my vestibular neuritis started. FUCK!!! I thought to myself, I’ll need to experience that torture┬áthree times a week for the next four months.

To be continued…