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4 months later, almost back to normal. Part 1

Last post was about me going on a business trip, which in the end I just canceled. I simply could cope with the thought that with all my vestibular and neurological problems I would need to travel half way globe. With the trip canceled and another one planned in 2+ I sort of got into a pattern that would allow me to function on a manageable level. I was still having all the symptoms, but no huge bad spikes. I was celebrating new year 2017 in quite optimistic mood. I also decided that I need to tackle the driving problem, I was going to drive my daughter to school every morning no matter how a felt. 

First time I had to drive her, it didn’t go quite well, I was anxious, was afraid to pass out, the usual. But eventually after 2+ months the morning trips have become a lesser challenge, and I’ve started feeling pretty normal. Not 100% normal, but close.

And I had to go on another business trip again, actually two trips. The first one I was a wreck but I got through it, the second was better. 

During those trips I’ve started meditations. I’ve never done those before, but right from the start I could tell that the meditations have been helping. I use Calm application from Apple App Store even today, and I think it is a great app with very good meditation sessions. 

Anyhow, I got through these two business trips, overall I was better, better at driving, better at not caring about annoying loud noises. I could go in a new place without feeling much of a discomfort. And I was getting ready for longest trip yet: 15 days away from home; eight flights; 3 countries…